Macbook Pro retina 15″ 2018 (touch bar)




Apple MacBook Pro 15in 2018 A1990 Laptop

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The Processor is the Brain of your Computer, does all the hard work, and is the most difficult to replace after you buy. It is important your processor does what you need!

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 @ 2.6GHz

Multi-Task with ease and handle moderate to heavy workloads, Gaming (Pair with a GPU)

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RAM is your PCs short term memory; Every time you reboot it’s fresh and temporarily fills up as you use your computer. More RAM = Faster for Longer!


No lag multi-tasking, Full advantage of modern online browsing, future-proof

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Hard Drive or Solid-State Storage is your computers Long Term Memory; Easily expandable, this is where your computer stores all files, programs, and your operating system.


Perfect for Small Businesses, Family computer, Home Office PC, Moderate Document, Photo and Video Storage, Multiple Large Programs

Graphics Icon


All the visuals you see when you boot up your computer come from the graphics processing unit in your computer. Integrated or discreet, your GPU is responsible for the image you see.


Multi-faceted capability: Standard visuals, HD streaming, light-gaming
Box Whats Included
Apple MacBook Pro 15in 2018 A1990
Operating System
Mac OS Catalina


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