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At NaxterTech we respect our customer’s privacy. Because we know what it’s like to lose your data, we make sure we protect it as well. This privacy policy applies to our online presence at We do not offer physical consultation or conventional brick and mortar locations. All data found on the website is subject to change without notice. We do not collect any visitor information that may identify a user’s name, address or other pertinent information. We do not offer a mailing list on the site or an ability to track any user who simply views the NaxterTech website. NaxterTech may use cookies at any time to personalize a viewer’s experience by customizing certain web pages or content.

We do not collect information via phone such as name, billing address and payments. This data is not stored for future use and is discarded upon completion of the financial transaction. This data is not sold to third parties and is only processed by PayPal secured payment processor. We take every precaution possible to secure your data and prevent identity theft and data loss. We do this be simply reducing the amount of data we collect from our customers. This means we do not have user accounts online for our customers, we don’t collect passwords or personal and identifiable data. Our philosophy means focusing on the customer experience instead of collecting their personal information

NaxterTech Terms of Service

At NaxterTech we take every precaution when working on your computer remotely. Before we make any changes to your computer we are aware of the risks of the changes and should we need to, we can revert back to a previous state. We also avoid making risky changes that would affect your operating system files or critical components of your computer such as drivers or personal data.

Even with these precautions in place there is always a risk of data loss especially in the case of viruses or hardware failure. That is why it is imperative for you, the end user, to make sure you have performed a backup recently of your critical data such as pictures, music, documents, and financial data. As a rule of thumb you should always backup this information to an external drive or a cloud backup service for safe keeping. This way your data is always safe, especially in the case of a natural disaster or permanent failure. If you are not backing up your data you must inform the technician working on your computer so they may take even further precautions.

In certain cases we will receive a call from customers who may have failing hardware. Our technicians will analyze your hardware and always inform you if your hardware is failing. In this case we do not continue any further repair since the hardware such as a hard drive, or motherboard will need to be physically replaced. At this time we recommend that you can send it over to us if you will need help replacing the failing component.

NaxterTech Remote Control Software

At NaxterTech we use a software program called LogMeIn Rescue or ScreenConnect or Zoho to connect to your computer to perform our repairs and and remove any malware from your computer. LogMeIn has multiple versions of its software that are designed for consumer use all the way to large enterprises. The version of LogMeIn/Screenconnect used by NaxterTech repair technicians is the enterprise version of the remote control software. We have done extensive research on which program to use for NaxterTech technicians and we have chosen LogMeIn/Screenconnect because of its extensive feature functionality and privacy features. We believe in simplicity at NaxterTech and that means not installing unnecessary software on your PC.

That means when you install LogMeIn or Screenconnect during a session with our PC repair technicians, the software is only for that immediate session. Unlike our competitors, we do NOT leave any software on your PC after our session is over. We can NOT get back into your computer without your consent after our session is over. Finally, the software collects a log of all the technician’s actions on your PC so if there is a customer complaint or concern our management team can review the technician’s actions.

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