Quick PC Help

30 Mins or less of Tech Support
$ 49
One Time Cost
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Techs in USA
  • No Monthly Fees

Errors & Tune Ups

60 Mins Tech Support
$ 79
One Time Cost
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Techs in USA
  • No Monthly Fees

Virus Removal

90 Mins or more Tech Support
$ 129
One Time Cost
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Techs in USA
  • No Monthly Fees
max charge

What often used to require an in-person service call or physical repair can now be handled in the comfort of your own home.

Our technicians are computer experts and can assist you from a remote location. We use powerful and 100% safe and secure software to accomplish this task. We can restart your computer, access it from the login screen and diagnose any problems that may arise.

And don’t worry. Once your remote session is disconnected, our software is completely deactivated and removed from your device.

Remote Service:

Below are examples of issues that can usually be solved remotely:

  • Email Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Cleanups, Tune-ups, & Optimizations
  • Software Updates & Patches
  • New Employee Setup
  • Work from Home Setup
  • VPN Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Videoconferencing Issues
  • Training/Tutoring


  • Quick PC Help: 30 Minutes = 50$
  • Errors & Tune Ups: 60 Minutes = 80$
  • Virus Removal: 90 Minutes= 130$
  • For Other reasons 100$/hr

Schedule a Remote Support Session

If you think your issue can be fixed remotely contact us to schedule a session. Afterward, come back here to open the Remote Support Client.

If your issue is not a fit for remote support, don’t worry—it’s simply time to Mail-in Your PC!

Broken screen? Liquid spill? Power problems? NO PROBLEM!

We can probably repair your computer for a lot less than a comparable one costs new. Without the expense and time to transfer all your software and data over to a new machine.


Quick PC Repair

Our quick PC repair option is for 30 minutes or less. This includes items like a simple error message, a non working printer, or an application problem like a browser issue. Our tech support expert will tell you before any work begins if your problem falls into this category.

30 Minutes or less

Quick Tech Support

PC Tune Up or Repair

This computer repair session is for 60 minutes of help from our experts. This covers items like slow computers, complex PC error messages, networking problems, email issues,  and other common problems. Again, our tech will let you know if your problem falls into this category before any work begins.

60 Minutes Tech Help

Advanced Troubleshooting

Virus Removal & Repair

This PC repair session is for anything over 90 minutes and covers virus removal cost and more complex problems. This is our maximum price for computer repair regardless of how long we work on your computer. Again, your tech will tell you if your PC repair falls into this category before any work begins.

90 Minutes or More

Remove Malware

MAX Charge Support

Our MAX charge for tech support (shown above) is $130 no matter how complex your PC problem is.

Yearly Service Plans

Looking for a yearly or unlimited plan? We only offer one time PC fixes so you don't get locked into a contract you don't need.

All Major Cards Accepted

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